Time and Attendance for Microsoft Dynamics SL

With FlexAbility™ Time & Attendance, manual keying of time cards is replaced with a customizable tracking system linked directly into Microsoft Dynamics SL Payroll, Project or JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software™ (JAMS).

Employees badge in and out each day, including breaks and lunches, if desired. The department calendar, shift, rounding procedures and grace periods are used to automatically adjust punches.

FlexAbility Time & Attendance allows businesses to develop their own unique set of rules to meet specific time and attendance requirements, including supervisor approval.

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FlexAbility™ Labor Reporting enables an employee to report time to each Step of a Production Order, Work Order, or each Task of a Project. FlexAbility Labor Reporting interfaces directly with Microsoft Dynamics SL Project, Work Order or JAMS for automated job costing capabilities. Labor Reporting provides:

  • Shop Floor Control
  • Production Reporting
  • Direct and Indirect Time
  • Balance Attendance to Labor
  • Review Actual Labor Costs

First, the employee swipes their badge, then scans the Production Order and Operation Step or the Project and Task. Indirect Codes may also be used. Option-ally, the quantity completed can be reported when clocking out of a job. At the end of the day, their supervisor adjusts and approves the timesheet which is posted to a Time or Time and Dollar Batch in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Production Labor is posted to Labor Transaction Entry in JAMS or Project Labor to Project Charge Entry. Unmodified entries are preserved for audit purposes and reports for Missing Employees and Exceptions are provided. If desired, Labor can also be balanced to Attendance.

Employees may enter time through any CE-based time clock. The FlexAbility CE TimeClock is an enclosed, mounted Windows CE terminal featuring a 6.5” 640 x 480 color touchscreen display. This enables the FlexAbility CE TimeClock to be used for the full suite of FlexAbility applets, including custom web pages or even terminal emulation.

The FlexAbility CE TimeClock supports either bar-coded or magnetic-stripe badges. It can also be equipped with a wand or scanner for reading barcoded documents and can be either wired or wireless. Actually, time may be entered directly into FlexAbility’s tables—thus any time clock device can be interfaced to FlexAbility.

Alternatively, a version of FlexAbility TimeClock is available for a Windows PC. The PC TimeClock accepts manual input or badge or document scanning through a wedge badge reader and / or a fixed or handheld scan gun.