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FlexAbility is an automated data collection solution designed to integrate seamlessly into the Acumatica & JAAS Manufacturing Software (JAMS) suite of business applications. Using barcodes and wireless communication, inventory is managed and tracked from receiving and labeling through to production and order management in the cloud with Acumatica. This solution enables manufacturers and distributors to automate their warehouse and shop floor in an effort to optimize productivity, reduce costs, minimize errors and improve customer service.
FlexAbility Data Collection for Acumatica includes Purchasing, Inventory, Production, and Order Management.
The FlexAbility Client for Acumatica is built on the Windows CE platform using Visual Basic.Net. Using Acumatica Web Services, data is downloaded to a SQL Server Compact Edition database on the device. Once this download has completed, the handhelds can be used offline, if desired. No connection to a wireless network or the internet is required. Scans are stored in the local database and pushed to Acumatica when a connection becomes available. After uploading, transactions reside in custom tables in the Acumatica database and may be viewed and edited using Acumatica pages. Acumatica Schedules import and post the transactions as desired. With this design, no on premise server is required. What's more, the Microsoft Windows CE operating platform supports a broad range of intelligent devices, from industrial handhelds to vehicle-mounted terminals to mobile phones. The true power of FlexAbility lies in its customizable scripting language that allows businesses to modify the behavior of transactions to match specific business rules and processes. Its open architecture allows users to customize screens, reports & labels, modify transaction rules & validations, adapt transaction scripts, create user interfaces to fit business processes, and develop new add-on business applications.

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