EDILINK for Microsoft Dynamics SL

FlexAbility™ EDILink and TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™ for Microsoft Dynamics SL provide businesses a solution to integrate and automate business transactions with customers, vendors and remote warehouses via EDI.

Traditionally, companies enter data into their internal business applications, print forms containing data such as purchase or sales order information, and then submit the documentation to a trading partner via mail, phone, fax or e-mail. The trading partner in turn receives the form and must then re-key the data into another business application—typically resulting in poor response times, excessive paperwork and the potential for errors.

With FlexAbility EDILink and TrueCommerce Transaction Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL, this process is automated and painless. EDI Purchase Orders from a customer automatically become Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics SL, with appropriate item cross-references and shipment dates.

Acknowledgements may be transmitted back to the customer to validate the receipt of the order, and terms and prices are verified. Following shipment, invoices are transmitted to the customer for payment.

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Many wholesalers and retailers require their trading partners to notify them of shipments—a task that remains a manual process for most suppliers. They expect cases and pallets to be labeled in their format. Each ASN includes what has been shipped, by which carrier, shipment size and weight and when the shipment is expected. Errors in ASN’s may even result in fines and chargebacks.

With the FlexAbility Advance Shipment Notification module, generating the ASN is a standard part of shipping an order in Microsoft Dynamics SL. The FlexAbility ASN module with FlexAbility Labeling supports:

  • Standard Pack and Pick & Pack Processes
  • UCC-128 Compliance Shipping Labels
  • Advance Ship Notice (856) Transmittal

The ASN module consists of forms and reports developed with Visual Basic Tools to enable the generation of pallet and case identifiers, as well as track the actual packing of the shipment. FlexAbility Advance Shipment Notification is fully integrated with FlexAbility Data Collection for picking and packing through handheld devices.