Coalition Computing Corporation was founded as a consulting and programming services company in December 1993.

With sales approaching two million dollars, we have a team of experienced employees dedicated to providing complete technological solutions to businesses throughout the United States. With two decades of experience in shaping technology to meet the needs of our customers, we understand first hand the importance of delivering quality products to meet your business needs. Coalition Computing has a strong reputation for its consulting and programming services and offers a single source for all of your business needs.


MSM Industries implemented the FlexAbility Barcode Inventory Control System in 2007. FlexAbility integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL has provided MSM Industries with the ability to receive and issue each and every product and raw material on a real-time basis. Inventory Management is what MSM has now, versus an attempt at Inventory Control in the past. Customer support from Coalition Computing has been excellent during and post implementation.
Willy Browne / MSM Industries
We knew what we wanted and FlexAbility was able to provide what we needed. Then it was not only the software, but Coalition set us up with the hardware and expertise to get it functioning properly.
Tim Young / Femco, Inc.