DATA COLLECTION for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Barcoding Device Main Menu Screen

FlexAbility is a versatile, automated data collection solution designed to integrate seamlessly into the Microsoft Dynamics SL and JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software™ (JAMS) suite of business applications. Using wireless communication and barcoding technology, FlexAbility provides updates to inventory, purchasing, production, order management, payroll, project and production labor applications.

With product verification, shop floor managers can now significantly reduce inventory and shipping errors, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. With an automated picking process, employees simply scan in customer orders to quickly identify and locate inventory items to ensure an efficient and accurate shipping process. By automating the inventory management process, businesses now have the ability to minimize safety stock levels, improve back order conditions, improve inventory accuracy and reduce the time needed to conduct physical inventory counts. Faster input of data, back order notifications, barcode label generation and lot / serial input all contribute to a more efficient supply chain execution. View our brochure!


PO Receipt Screen

Purchasing The FlexAbility Purchasing module facilitates receiving vendor shipments by scanning barcoded receivers or entering the PO number. Items can be scanned from vendors' labels, UPC codes, or the receiver. Inventory IDs are validated and lot/serial information can be captured. Optionally, FlexAbility Labeling can print barcoded labels for the inventory received.

Data Collection Inquiries Screen

Inventory With FlexAbility Inventory, warehouse employees have the ability to enter inventory Issues & Receipts, as well as Move inventory from bin to bin. The Inventory module supports one-step and two-step Transfers between sites. Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting are also supported.

Production The FlexAbility Production module tracks the quantity and status of orders as they move through each operation step in the manufacturing process. The Material Picking process allows shop floor employees to maintain a current and accurate list of materials used against production orders. With Production Move and Production Completion, it's easy to see where an order is in the production process and how many have been completed or scrapped at each step.

Order Management FlexAbility Order Management facilitates the picking and shipment of sales orders. Inventory IDs and quantities are verified against the Shipper for accurate order fulfillment. Because FlexAbility is seamlessly integrated, order steps can be added to require any combination of picking and packing required by business processes. As appropriate, carton, pallet and shipping labels are printed. Finally, the shipment can be confirmed from FlexAbility.


Built from the ground up using Microsoft® technologies exclusively, the FlexAbility architecture allows managers to run their business the way they need to rather than trying to fit the constraints of the software. By leveraging the open architectures of Microsoft applications—including Windows Server, SQL Server, Windows CE and .NET Web Services. FlexAbility can be customized and extended to create custom solutions to meet specific business needs.

Using Microsoft Windows CE technology, CE devices capture data at the original point of origin and post transactions to the Microsoft Dynamics SL SQL Server database—either through the use of wireless technologies or in batch mode. Data collected is posted directly to Microsoft Dynamics SL and available for viewing in standard screens. This is accomplished through the FlexAbility Posting Manager—which posts data from SQL tables to Microsoft Dynamics SL transactions using SQL Stored Procedures and the Object Model.

What’s more, the Microsoft Windows CE operating platform supports a broad range of intelligent devices, from industrial handhelds to vehicle-mounted terminals to fixed base workstations. Simply select the device that conforms best to your specific business environment.

The true power of FlexAbility lies in its customizable scripting language that allows businesses to modify the behavior of transactions to match specific business rules and processes.